I recently purchased a cover for a kindle fire. I was assured that it would fit by the sales associate.

Well needless to say it didn't. I put it on my debit card and kept my sales ticket. When my wife tried to return it with the sales ticket they said they have to put it back on the card. They didn't have anything else that would fit it.

I live several miles from the location and makes it a big inconvince to go there myself since my wife was already there. I'll never shop there again.

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I've worked for Office Depot for years. I know that was a pain in the *** for you, but..

you do know we live in the 21st century right? Every where you go, if you paid with a debit and we can't find anything to exchange it with ... naturally it will go back on your debit card..So instead of making us seem like the bad guys.. did ya ever think.." hey I shouldn't be THAT customer?" or possibly that..

well hey.. *** happens.



Wah. Every place puts it back on the card.

You the Dumb Asx that didnt think ahead.

And if you are wasting your hard earned cash on something as *** as a cover for some piece o S**T electronic device, most likely your fat Wife is constantly shopping any way. Go Lay Down!

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