I was having trouble with my Dell laptop and after attempting to fix it myself I gave up and took it to Office Depot. They kept my computer for two weeks and when I got it back all they had done was revert it to original configuration.

They wiped out all my files (even thought I told them that the computer wasn't worth the $300 but the files were) and I lost all my programs too. All it takes to revert to factory settings is to press a couple of buttons and the computer will to that by itself. I certainly didn't need to pay Office Depot $300 to reformat my hard drive.

I complained and haven't received any response. Their sign says, "We fix computers." but they actually break computers.

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Technically it was FIXED, by resetting it, but I'll not be rude to you. Miscommunication can happen, either due to badly expressed intent on your part or poor management on OD's part.

Judging by the price, they made you send it out. On the chart there is an option to opt out of an HD reset, and it was probably checked if you expressed not to have it reset.

If this was the case, then it was the company we use to fix computers that made the error.

If you start an inquiry with management, they should be able to find out the cause and possibly refund your money. At least, this is my experience.


My dell crashed in early november and I finally gave in and decided I had lost my emails...I reformatted the drive, reinstalled the operating system and used it for 2 months. 2 days ago I bought the program Recover My Files and used the slow search and it found alot of them.

I was SHOCKED...!

Not all of the full email chain was there for some of the emails but since I had copies on a couple of places (that I also screwed up), I think I've recovered most of them. Might want to try it.

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