Walked in and asked if I could have something faxed and the employee said I could.so I waited in the line and another employee helped me and faxed over my papers.So then I got the total of my faxes.And a third employee rang up my purchase of my faxes.my husband then proceeded to ask why so much and the employee asked the previous employee did u not tell them how much it was to fax something. And the previous employee under her breath said well they should have asked.I agreed it was our fault for not doing so but for her to have the attitude she did and the way she said it was very unprofessional.When you work in that type of environment you are trained to treat customers with the up most curtious.Note she was also saying things under her breath because a customer was waiting also for her copies in the process of helping us.This office depot is located off 290@ hollister in houston, texas.

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