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I've had this computer about 2.5 months and it has this blue dot on the screen which is because it has a dead pixel in the screen, I have more than twenty computers which are older some as old as 5 years and none of them has a single dead pixel but Toshiba is trying to tell me this is normal for the display to have a few dead pixels, anything which has been designed for a specific function and does not perform that said function is broken or defective, there was no warranty read to me upon purchase that stated anything about if there should happen to be dead pixels and unless they were greater than 10 pixels Toshiba would not warranty the LCD display, all that was said is the computer had a 1 year warranty for parts and labor, Now anyone like me would never buy a product with a crazy policy that if one of the primary components like the screen would not be covered unless there was a major defect of 10-13 pixels. If Toshiba can't produce computers to the same standards as all the other computer manufacturers can then they should stop making computers.

Toshiba should honor their warranty and stop trying to stiff the consumers with their poor manufacturing problems. I'm not the one that decided to have the computer made in China.

One dead pixel bothers me and it can be seen, what about 10 or more ….. Even one pixel out is a defect no matter what Toshiba says the pixel has a certain function which is to present a visual presentation on the screen and when that pixel can't present that specific information there is a color that should not be presented in the information on the screen which is now a blue dot on a black background.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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this is a toshiba complaint, not an office depot complaint.



Toshiba does not actually manufacture their own screens, so blaming this on them would not be correct. Also, the "major defect" policy is in ALL laptop manufacturer's warranty. A dead pixel or two is expected in most screens.

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