Purchased an office chair little over a year ago. The arm on one side is totally cracking...along with places on the chair seat.

Contacted Office Depot online site they told me to contact the store where I purchased the chair...I did contact the Brandon FL store, spoke to the manager, told him the condition of the chair. He asked if I had purchase Office Depot furniture warranty plan, No I said. With that I was told there is nothing they can do...No refund allow over a purchase made more then 30 days ago. Pretty much out of luck.

I told him that Office Depot displayed this chair and was told it was High quality and that they should stand by the products they sell.

He said nothing in response. I mentioned that I had also purchased a desk and matching book shelf there too....Nothing in response to that either...

Monetary Loss: $89.

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Plano, Texas, United States #667697

I agree with Anonymous post. Plans are offered to protect customers from things like this and when they don't buy it they get mad at the store.

Consumers these days expect to use things and when something goes wrong they want a new one. NOTHING has a lifetime replacement.


What do you wamt them to do? This is one of the times the Furniture Performance Protection Plan works.

They offered a plan to you that would replace it free in 2 years for ANY damage what so ever. You shot the associate down because you didn't want to spend an extra 39.99.

Now your chair is damaged from wear and tear and you want them to replace something you bought over a year ago for free.

It's shitheads like you that drive me insane at my store.

Houston, Texas, United States #634241

........if the chair is leather.....your suppose to use leather conditioner on it to prevent it from cracking like that....same thing with cars. That's how you get leather to last, you clean and condition it.

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