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On August 6, 2010, I bought a Toshiba Laptop ($825). I was told by Seve, the computer salesman of three years that you can return within 14 days if something is broken on the new computer.

Opened it up that day and the left button was not set right and was loose. Could not use keyboard with this problem. Brought it in the next day and asked for the purchase price to be put on my card. The manager and assistant manager said we only give exchanges.

Told her what Seve said. She said I do not care. She said: "Why don't you send it back to Toshiba." The store and corporate policy is not to give refunds on these products, but there were now signs stating this. And Seve said I could take it back.

Very bad experience as $800 is a lot for me. The only time you know of this policy is after you buy the product and it is on the back of the receipt in small writing.

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