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I will NEVER again order from, use, delivery, shop.. anything from Office Depot EVER AGAIN. 3 weeks ago I ordered a desk, hutch and chair. The chair was delivered no problem. A second delivery had to happen for the desk and hutch. They called on a Sunday to clarify Monday was a good delivery. I said sure, my son can sign for it, he is a minor but I'm pretty sure he won't run off with it. NO PROBLEM.

Monday comes, my son answers the door and they tell him he cannot sign for the package. So, I call Office Depot and speak to their customer service rep. They advised me I will have delivery Tuesday and it my son can sign for the package, as I have given THIS rep approval for him to sign.

Tuesday comes, NO DELIVERY. I call customer service back. "Where is the delivery?" Apparently, they came by but no one was home. No, someone was home. I re-schedule ANOTHER delivery, for Wednesday. I was told between 8:30am-5:00pm the delivery will happen. My husband took off from work early just in hopes he would beat them at our house so he could sign for it. 5:30 comes and my husband calls me; No delivery. I call customer service. In this call I ask the man on the phone just WHO exactly is the delivery company? UPS? FedEx? DHL? WHO?! He told me Office Depot. He then tells me I have been signed up for a late delivery to ensure that I am home and will not have any troubles signing for this *** delivery. The latest delivery is set for 7:00PM, and I should expect it before that time. If I do not have my delivery by then I was asked to please call back and they will address that issue. I should have known from that comment, *** was going to hit the fan. 7:35 comes, and I am on the phone to customer service. I FINALLY get a person at 8:00PM and clarify that A) Yes, this was set for a Monday delivery. "Your driver drove off because my son (12) is too young". I have since been told he CAN sign for the delivery, Office Depot just needed my authorization; B) Tuesday, you say someone came by, but my son says otherwise. I believe my son; C) I called earlier and clarified it was being delivered tonight, it is now 8:00pm and there is NO DELIVERY. I was advised, I will have to wait for a phone call tomorrow (Thursday) from someone during business hours to schedule ANOTHER delivery attempt.

Thursday comes, and I get the call. We scheduled for Friday. I asked and had the person read back notes from EVERY CALL-IN I did this week for this delivery. Clear as day notes stating my son is a minor, he is permitted to sign for the package.

It's Friday. My son just called.. They drove off because he is not 18 and there isn't an adult home to sign for the package. At this point I am LIVID. I called the local number that reached out to me Sunday to confirm the Monday delivery. They're a 3rd party delivery service. They work WITH Office Depot and ARE NOT Office Depot. As the female-dog rep was so kind to clarify "Whatever Office Depot tells you, you need to take it up with them. We have our own company policy."

So, here I am Office Depot, taking the time to write this review about how HORRIBLE you're service is, how uninformative you are to your customers, your inability to conduct business in a proper manor. I do not give a *** about anything this company would ever possibly say or offer in an attempt to try and make this right. You hire a 3rd party company to do your deliveries. You should be aware of that companies policies. If it's too much information for you and your employees to keep track then use a nationwide company like FedEx, UPS.

Your lack of empathy is what is the nail int he coffin to ensure your company is one of the crappiest I have ever dealt with.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of poor customer service and delivery procedure. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problem with delivery of office depot delivery service. Office Depot needs to issue a partial refund according to poster's claims.

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