I needed a customer number and an order number for the merchandise I ordered from Office Depot on 10/6/2012. I called their 1-800-463-3768 and after going through the mechanized operator, I had Jennifer on the phone with me. After I started to explain what I needed, she proceeded to call me MISTER!! When I tried to explain, getting angrier and angrier that I was not a MAN, SHE PROCEEDED TO HANG UP ON ME AND i HAD TO GO THROUGH THAT *** MECHANIZED OPERATOR AGAIN!!

I finally was connected, the second time with Lexi, who really assisted me with the order # and customer #.

I don't need this kind of nasty and rude employee.

I tried again, today-10-7-2012- to get at least a copy to be sent to my e-mail address to no avail.

I finally was able to get the correct information with the on-line chat employee who checked my order # and after verifying that I had an order, did send me a copy tyo my e-mail address.

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