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May 2006 I bought an HP laptop from Office Depot in Washington, NC.While selecting the computer I needed, I was recommended to purchase the 2 year extended warranty.

The exact words said to me were "If you drop it, run over it with your car or whatever, bring it back in and you will get a brand new computer of equal or more value". So, I bought it it. I've always had exceptional service with Dell on extended warraties so I thought it would be a good insurance policy. Two weeks ago, I trn it on and get a very "vague" picture on the monitor.

I called the warraty service, was sent a box for return and got it back today-unrepaired. I was told there was moisture in the unit and my warranty was void. Now before I sent it, I plugged in an external monitor with great success, backed up my data and sent the unit in. I get it back with the news that it had been water damaged and it won't even come on now.

I've been round and round with Office Depot's customer service and they basically told me to F-Off. They said the mother board had been soaked with coffee or Coke and I had no recourse. How was it that it worked two weekd ago with an external monitor and now it won't come on? The manager at the Office Depot I bought it from (200 miles away) says he will do everything he can to help me but according to Office Depot, I'm ***.

I want to put the word out that OD will NOT stand behind there extended warranties.

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"5 years for $99" is years 2-5.Does not cover physical damage.

"2 years at $199" is years 1&2 damage insurance. Year 1 is mfr warranty for all PCs. The 3rd party service administrator, NEW, defers to the mfr in year 1 except for damage; otherwise they are out of the loop and deflect service issues to the mfr. Why anyone would buy years 1&2 for &199 is beyond rational belief.

The "house" wins many times over for ALL extended service contracts. The need for such is a figment of the ignorant consumer's imagination.

Save your money.Across ALL products, you come out way ahead in the life of the products.


I have to eat my earlier words.Office Depot just refunded the full purchase price for a computer I bought two years ago.

Bought a new one from Costco with their Square Trade warranty. 5 years for $99.00.

My OD warranty was $289 for 2 years.Costco is the way to go.



Very disappointed in Office Depot.Why are they ripping people off with the extended warranty protection program, when they know this company is not honoring it.

My husband and I have made many calls to this company trying to get our lemon laptop fixed or replaced to no avail. We paid $199.00 for this worthless protection. Each time we call we are getting excuses and passing the buck. No one is taking ownership to fixing our problem.

I will not do business with Office Depot again.:(

to Mildred Freeman #602910

What is the issue that you are experiencing?


My salesperson told me to buy the four year warranty and just before the warranty ended to damage the laptop and it was like a free update.I should have known that when you conspire to deceive, the results would not be good.

My computer didn't work from day one. I took it back to the store, they opened up their hands and asked for 160.00 to troubleshoot etc and asked me to buy a monthly program that would allow me to troubleshoot for free. I tried to do that, but they said they wouldn't except my computer even though it was only a week old, because a virus was on it. But they charged me monthly for ten months anyway until American Express was able to sucessfully dispute.

I sent the laptop to IBM and they sent me back a refurbished computer and it still didn't work, now it is out of warranty because idiots at customer service don't understand that it seems like it is more than a year old because it is refurbished. Office Depot won't touch it because it was less than a year old. I gave up after a year and stupidly tried what the salesman told me to do. Now the warranty repair is actually repairing a laptop that was smashed by a car.

Moral of the story is that salesman will say whatever they can to get more commission and when you do something wrong it will always come back to you in the end.Don't buy from Office Depot the minute you walk out the door they have washed their hands of you.

to Danna #602911

I disagree and you need to speak to the manager of the store. They will help you.


Marshall Stephenson -

I'm sorry about the problems you've faced with your Office Depot Protection Plan and I'd like to help. Please contact me at with your warranty details and contact information. I'm confident that our Executive Customer Relations Team can assist you.


Casey Ahlbum

Manager-Executive Customer Relations

Office Depot, Inc


I purchased a computer from Office Depot in Vancouver, WA.I use the computer in bed and it fell off my lap and the screen broke.

I took it in and I was told that it would be fixed at no cost to me. I was sent a box to put it in with paid shipping. UPS Picked it up. When it was finished they shipped it back with a new screen.

I sent it in for a second time about a week ago.

The same results took place.OFFICE DEPOT does stand by their warranty.!!


SQUARE TRADE Remember that name for WARRANTIES.purchased a ipod within 3 months stopped working.

They sent a check to buy another one.

No hesitation no hassle You can find them on line.Doesn't matter where you purchase!


there must be a law out there that will protect customers from the scam office depot is running i was actually online looking to see if i was the only one with the same problem i am seriously welling to take these bastards to court!!!!i bought a laptop and a warranty and they won't honor the warranty because i sent in the original recipet to get my mail in rebate that the cashier gave me specific instruction to do....

my computer's hard drive is ruined and office depot will not help me get a copy of my recipte which was less than 3 month ago!!! not to mention i was to told that the warranty will not replace my computer although i was told the SAME EXACT LINE!!!! ""If you drop it, run over it with your car or whatever, bring it back in and you will get a brand new computer of equal or more value" AND THE STORE MANAGER HAD THE NERVES TO TELL ME THAT THERE IS NOWAY A SALES REP WOULD SAY THAT BECAUSE THEY ARE TRAINED NOT TO DO SO!!!! i really need to sue these bastards because someone needs to put an end to it!!!

i don't want money i just want them shut down!!!and i will keep looking until i find enough people!!!!

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