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I just had a delivery from Office Depot come to our office. As he walked in I stated that all deliveries need to be delivered in back at the Receiving Entrance, so he then states "Well that's just Great" I said Excuse me, So he states again "I said that's just great.

So as he is walking out i told him i can't help if that is where the deliveries are to be made. He then tells me, well you're not the having to deliver boxes all day. I said you're right, but that's your job i can't help it. He then proceeds to call me an as he walks out.

He then tells the guys in receiving i deserved it because i was rude to him. I had to literally laugh, because i know i was far from rude, but even if i was, that is not how you treat people.

I cannot beleive a company would allow someone like that make deliveries to the public. Apparently he doesn't like his job and shouldn't deal with the public.

He needs to be in a different profession and OD needs to make sure they use better qualified persons making their deliveries for them. I called and complained and if don't get a response back i will be even more dis-satisfied with Office Depot.


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Your complaint needs to be filed directly with Office Depot. They take claims like this deadly serious and will fully investigate the time, place, and responsible driver.

They do not tolerate ANY type of rude behavior towards customers.

The main office is in Boca Roton Florida. You can even write a direct letter to the CEO and he or his office will respond and require immediate action and followup from responsible parties (high ranking and low).


Yet my boyfriend does deliveries and goes out of his way for the customer and would NEVER be that disrespectful in any circumstance especially to a women and his company is firing him. WHat are they firing him over you may ask, a few paperwork mistakes and one other small mistake. Just amazes me how people work so hard and our taken advantage of by these big companies yet someone like this gets to keep his job!

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