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I bought a new Acer laptop at Office Depot on Oct. 12 2012.

Upon trying to use the brand new computer a few days later a "crack" was apparent in the screen on Oct. 24. The laptop was not dropped, impacted, or anything by me. I'm 60 years old and have been using laptops since they came out and have never damaged a computer ever.

I took it back to Office Depot and showed them the problem. It might be reasonable for them to suspect a drop or impact, and I could understand that. But what really "got me" was that the store manager walked up and called me a liar when I said the computer had had no abuse and the crack appeared (or expanded enough to become apparent) while I was sitting there typing. And I walked away she openly laughed at me for trying to pull a fast one on them.

It was an "iffy" situation, of course, but the open rudeness was the frosting on the cake of buying a computer for over $40,0 only to have it useless the first time i boot it up. And, to repeat, although the store has no way of knowing the computer was not dropped or something by me, I know it wasn't. The computer was moe likely damaged when I got it. So another way to say it, if it was dropped that probably occurred in the store before purchase.

Of course you can't discuss that possiblity or ask advice on what to do when some manager is calling you a liar and laughing with another clerk.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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You bought an Acer and wonder why it broke. That's like buying a kia and wondering why you can't get it up to 175mph on the highway.


Great customer service dictates that the manager swap it out. Ask for and call the District Manager who will take care of you.

Putting customers "on trial" is simply a sign of a poor manager.


Well, yes, I guess you can lie. I doubt anyone other than wizards tihnk that cracks appear magically.

Pretty clearly there was sme phyical damage...never in doubt, and a case where neither the store nor the customer actually knows what happened. The main point of the post really was the nastiness of the encounter. Fact is, the crack appeared while the computer was on a table during typing very shortly after being set up out of the box. There was some delay between any impact and the manifestation of the crack.

Not magical, but that is what happened. Subsequent to this post, the computer was taken to a computer repair facility, where the technician noticed a tiny ding in a corner of the case. What was annoying is that the ding has paint in it.

There is no matching paint in my home on the floor or on a wall or on a table or anywhere. That damage somehow occurred pre-purchase outside the box, either in the store or before somebody else returned the "new" compuer.


So what your saying is when you said "it all of a sudden had a crack" they didn't believe you...if you said "When I opened it there was a crack" they would have just taken it as it being improperly handled at the store / shipping.

I build computers cracks on screens either happen before it comes out of the box (during transit) or due to fall damage they never magically have a crack appear.

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