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Long story short, I bought a laptop with what the service represenative said and I purchased as a 3 year waranty. Well, when it came to use the waranty it turns out that they entered it in the system as a two year.

I ended up finding the receipt for the laptop, and it said on there clear as day that it was a three year waranty. I would have said I was lucky and got the Laptop in for an issue right before the two years were up, so it didn't matter. But, the laptop was not properly repaired, and had the same issues again not more than a week after getting it back... which was after 3 weeks to get it reparied.

When I called to say, "hey, this wasn't fixed properly, I should be getting a new laptop for it's been sent in on this issue twice" they responded that it now has to be a new claim, and the waranty is expired.

Simple to say, I won't be shopping at Office Depot any more, and have made reccomendations to others in my office and a few others to go to Staples for our needs. Granted, it was getting cheaper anyways, but I figure that they've probably lost more than the cost of replacing this laptop 4-5x in profits in just the two years since this issue has happened in just paper and office supplies alone.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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They could not have entered it incorrectly. There is only one price per plan. All start from the "Date of Purchase" = a consumer deception as it masks the mfr warranty. So, the "3 year plan" there is 2 additional years. If you took the premium plan, it covers damages, spills and cracks as well in all 3 years.

You were had. FYI - Staples adn Best Buy do the same thing with their warranties.

Also, repairs during the mfr warranty, by the mfr, DON'T count towards your "lemon" replacement. Another deception.

You were had.

File a complaint with the BBB and your state's Dept of Consumer Affairs.

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