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DO NOT EVER BUY EXTENDED WARRANTY FROM OFFICE DEPOT...THEY ARE THIEVES! I purchased an HP Touchsmart computer from them 15 months ago.

It crashed so I called them to have it serviced under the warranty. HA HA! They are telling me that the computer has "drop damage" and is not covered under warranty but they would be glad to fix it for a fee. Well, it hasn't moved off my desk until I shipped it to them...no damage noted when received at their service center???

Thus, no claim to UPS either.

The jokes on me LOL I told them to ship it back (and I will then toss it) and I will get me a DELL!!! I am so PO'd Grrrrr

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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I can't even tell you how many college students get a gift card for their broken computer. No obligations once so ever, pay 399 for a laptop, pay 119 for a two accidental.

If it's totaled they get a gift card for they paid for. It's ashame that they don't have a website for the people who actually have great experiences here.


You paid for overlap in year 1 - that is a ripoff. Your year 2 warranty covers you, standard plan, for all electrical and electronic malfunctions, not physical damage and not software.

If so, why are you not making a claim in small claims court? OR going to the BBB?

FYI @odguy - the plan price to product price ratio for "premium" plans is evident of a HUGE ripoff. Only a small percentage of people even worry about dropping a laptop.

Insurance is not required. Sold as a pack of lies.


no one puts a gun to my head to sell a ppp. on a $400 printer the 2 year ppp is 59.99 which includes the price of shipping it to get it repaired, not $299. If you are buying a ppp for a laptop always get the premium because it covers damage, battery replacement, and liquid damage protection.

we couldn't hate selling ppp's because we get a % of the ppp cost. seeing that a broken screen on a laptop can cost over $150 to fix by itself and you get a free battery it is worth the price.

The way they make money on it is on the people that never need to make a claim on their product. If you do make a claim the company loses money on the trade. it's a risk reward way of profiting.


Thank you all for your feedback. Office Depot wants to provide the best solutions to our customers to suit their needs and that may or may not include an Office Depot Performance Protection Plan. We do stand behind the terms of our plans and if you have any problems please contact me directly and I will be happy to step in to help.


Casey J. Ahlbum

Manager, Executive Customer Relations

Office Depot, Inc.




and will only bring you, and your cashier a headache...

I have worked with this company for a long time. The protection plan is a rip off...do not get it.. if your cashier keeps pushing you.. please understand that our boss's basically put a gun to our head to make us sell those things..

so sorry for that lol. =[ we hate it too.. but YES! you can buy a 400$ printer and the protection plan will be 299$..

excuse my french but *** that... and if something happens, you can't bring it to the store to get a new one, you have to ship it out, and they will fix it or they will give you a gift card to buy another and that can take weeks..I can't tell you how many times I've been cussed out because of this..so my advice..

just don't get it.. EVER.

to Take it from me Arlington, Texas, United States #901208

I love the honesty. I'm waiting on my gift card which I was first told it was shipped out at the end of October then when I never received it I called the number and was told it was shipped off November 4.

It's the 16th and still no gift card. It only took my tablet 3 days for them to receive it.

Not a good feeling. I think I'm finish with purchasing the warranty plan.


extended warranties are a scam, they will always find some way to deny a claim WHY? thats how they make money.

they cant make money on a 50 dollar warranty when it costs $100 to fix it.

they will always push you to buy the warranty why? its pure profit, its like they just suckered you into giving them your hard earned cash and your gonna get nothing in return.

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