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I recently ordered a desk from Office Depot and have since found that their delivery service and customer service are both worthless. The delivery date was supposed to be March 23rd and it is now pushed back to the 31st because someone forgot to load it on the truck today. Their delivery vendor only solution was to schedule it 7 days out. The customer service agent I contacted at the Office Depot started the conversation off with "it's only an estimate" and "it wasn't in stock" so they could not deliver it – then just kept repeating himself. Too bad the warehouse already told me that it was in-stock and just wasn't loaded. The supervisor was not much either – she did finally open a complaint after a prolonged conversation but offered me no help at all in resolving this.

DO NOT ORDER furniture that is delivered by truck and not by UPS or FedEx – the delivery vendor (Excel Direct) is worthless and does not care about its customer's delivery.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Hi Gamestuf

I ordered a desk from Office Depot on 4/3/11 and was supposed to receive it today (4/5/11) but didn't. I was wondering what city/state you live to possibly try and find out if it is all office depots or not that are having problems.

Any suggestions if the shipment does not tomorrow (4/6/11)? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Gamestuf - Can I help? If you'll email me with your order details and contact info I'm sure we can get this sorted out for you. Sorry that we provided you with such a bad experience.


Casey J. Ahlbum

Senior Customer Relations Manager

Executive Customer Relations

Office Depot, Inc.

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