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I just went to the Office Depot in Albuquerque on Hotel Drive and dealt with 2 of your rudest employees. A young hispanic female and an older white male supervisor.

I was trying to pick up an order and they both were very rude and short and snapped at me. I am going to the bbb and going to the attorney general of the state of new mexico. This is horrid customer service and I want a resolution.

I have never dealt with such racism and awful employees in my life. The female was horribly rude and the male was a bigot who should be fired.

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Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $18.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Horrible customer servie.

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This is a vague complaint that needs much more details as to Exactly What happened.Exactly What do you Expect the BBB and the Attorney General to do about your vague complaint?


Why is it relevant to post that A young Hispanic female and an older white male supervisor when race has Nothing to do with your complaint.

to Anonymous #1592865

To: Anonymous June 03 I agree. It drives me crazy when the customers play the race card or the entitlement card.

While i was going into one of locations, an racist couple came into the store. They were being rude and arrogant too some of the employees. The couple: (rude): "Oh, an group of these...people!" "You need too learn too speak..." I am not going too say what they said too the employees. It was so mean and nasty.

I am alway feeling mad and angry people acting like this too others. Nobody should be racist too anybody. I am like, "So much hate!" "Everybody is allowed too speak the language the way they want." The couple said, "They need too learn the right way, they doing this the wrong way." I am always able too take things in and let things go, but when i am having enough, I am having enough. When i am seeing people pushing others around, i am pushing others back for others who are mean and nasty too others.

I asked too speak too the store manager of the store. The store manager was called up too the front of the store. I told the manager too the store about the way the employees were being treated. I called out the couple that was being racist, While the couple was leaving too go too their car.

The manager got the license plate number of the car, while calling the cops. Hope that they catch this couple for racially profiling.


Forget the BBB and the Attorney General ; they will do nothing. You should have been far more specific and informative with your allotted posting space rather than fill it with gibberish.

If this is truly the worst thing you've ever dealt with, then you haven't lived very long or spent your entire life in a bunker. You're in the store to purchase (or not) goods or services, not make friends and meet people. But you still didn't tell us exactly what transpired, so your accusations are thus far baseless malicious racist rants in and of themselves ; who cares if it was a "Hispanic Girl" and an "older white male" ? You are every bit as bigoted as they could possibly be and you need to get that chip off your shoulder.

Vote with your wallet, do not return to the establishment. Cash is all green.

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