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I bought a computer that was slightly damaged on the screen and went in for a replacement, although I did not keep the box it came in. I was charged a 75 dollar restocking fee to receive an undamaged computer.

I thought that was pretty high for an empty cardboard box!!!!! I did finally receive an undamaged Toshiba computer, but I felt robbed. What the *** could cost 75 dollars in replacing a cardboard box?

This happened in Austin Texas. I could tell you more consumer abuse stories that I took from them but this is the straw that broke my wallet!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $573.

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Office Depot is a company that does not charge a restocking fee. You obviously ended up with a *** of a manager if they charged you one. Get that manager's name and get hold of the district manager.

One thing most people know is that you should keep the box for a minimum of the return window. There are SEVERAL reasons why the box is needed. First, the store is only a seller. Getting pissed at them for an unknown damaged PC in a SEALED box is like getting pissed at the guy who fills the vending machines because your peanut M&M's were all chocolate and no nut. Is it the fault of the vendor who stocked the item for resale? Was the vendor supposed to open up the package and inspect the product? The answer is simply NO.

If a customer comes to a store and sees a seal broken on a box the first thig they assume is that it was returned or has been tampered with (hmmm it could have been opened for a pushy customer who demanded to SEE the product BEFORE they bought it... nevermind their credit card was declined, the bank didn't have the money, or their check wouldn't clear). So in that situation a store is now stuck with a perfectly fine computer that has never been powered but that they now must sell at a huge discount only because the CARDBOARD BOX was opened.

But there are more reasons the box is needed. Perhaps it could be that each box has a unique Serial ID that is also on the computer, television, etc... Yup! So the manufacturer went through the trouble and cost of pairing a specific PC to a specific box. Oh, and nevermind the fact that the box also has other valuable information such as the exact build model (not just a Toshiba Sattelite but one that has the same specs but uses an AMD chip over an intel so the EXACT build model is different). But again that is obviously of no concern to you and is the fault of the seller...

Well let's explore further. Did you know that in MOST cases a box is REQUIRED by the manufacturer for the reseller (Office Depot, Best Buy, WalMart etc...) to recieve FULL credit for their purchase cost? Probably didn't know that huh. Did you also know that some manufacturers will NOT take back the item as defective if the item is not shipped back in its ORIGINAL PACKAGING? Hmmm problably not again. So in that awesome situation the computer may be returned as Damaged Retun For Credit but will be changed to Damaged No Credit or Limited Credit because a box was not present with the item. Imagine how much that just cost the reseller. The mistake was not theirs, but the manufacturer but now they are eating a huge cost because you or someone like you didn't have the sense to keep a box for an electronic item inside the return window. Yeah but I guess that is okay because they are so big right? It is fine because they make so much money right? Well no *** it is not okay. You just took money out the pockets of those people who work in the store because all the labor is paid out from the Store's labor budget - and yes that means salaried managers too. So now your little situation has cost the store a nice sum which they will not recoup, but surely that is okay right because you are just one person. Surely little old you wouldn't have a negative impact on their P&L statement. Nooo why would you matter. Hmmm but what if there were 15 people like you, or 20, or 100, or 1000, or 3000 in the course of a year? Yeah the cost adds up fast and it is NOT pretty, but that is not your fault right? You walked into the store to buy and upon doing so the integrety of the product became their sole responsibility. They are now your personal *** for anything and everything. Why, I would put money on a bet that you are one of those people who call a store repeatedly and monopolize the time of staff repeatedly because you expect onsite tech support, but of course you didn't want the protection and you were FINE then with the manufacturer's warranty or (my personal favorite) you got a guy that does your tech stuff. Yeah... so a problem arises and the first place you go is to the reseller which is not a problem inside the return window. However, when you return to a reseller months or even a year later *** about a product failing in what world is it their fault or even their responsibility?? ***, anymore amny manufacturers have signs inside the product that say "STOP DO NOT RETURN THIS ITEM TO THE STORE IF YOU HAVE A TECHNICAL ISSUE. PLEASE CALL blah blah blah). But it is way too hard to look up your manufacturer's warranty and call those people RESPONSIBLE for the gaurantee of their product... I mean they did build it after all.

People are selfish and I find more and more they are somewhat ***. What is more, after living overseas for some years I see this sense of entitlement in Americans and not so much in Europeans, Asians, and the like. Those people seem to understand that if there is an issue months or years later that you should CONTACT the manufacturer. They also understand the importance of KEEPING THE BOX.

You were charged a fee which is small when compared to what your return is going to cost the store now that original packaging was not submitted. But that is not your fault. Somehow retailers are supposed to perform miracles and see into a box before it is opened... *** I guess on your planet they power it up without breaking the seal too.

Man you ned to get a hobby or maybe you need to sell some stuff. I am willing to bet that if you sold your private mower during your garage sale you would not entertain returning money for it a couple of months or a year after it was purchased. I mean in that situation you are the reseller and by your logic it is your fault regardless of the window of time that has passed. So what can you do? If you take the back the mower it just cost you money. Facutally you essentially paid someone to use the product. Again --- YOU IN EFFECT PAID SOMEONE TO BUY YOUR ITEM. In what world do you see anoyone willing to take back the item? Further, let us assume that you did take back the mower or whatever object you sold. Now imagine that window of return time has passed and that now it is going to cost money to ship back to the manufacturer or money to dispose of the item.


Look at what you are saying and look at what risk resellers carry. Their request is that you foot a part, NOT ALL, of the bill to return the item in a boxless state is not unreasonable and is really quite fair. The reseller in such situations actually reserves the right to NOT take the item back because you have disposed of the original electronic packaging (i.e. boxes not hard plastic clear containers.

So yes, it is their pleasure to serve you. I just sinceerely hope you have the basic human deceny to lube them up before you rape them over something that was completely out of their control. If it makes you feel like a big person then I guess staff abuse because of YOUR mistake is acceptable. I guess cost loss because of YOUR mistake is acceptable.

I am sorry but people like you just simply suck when it comes to servicing your needs. But again it is our pleasure...

Hree is tip before I depart:
(A) Read the freaking warranty.
(B) Stop blaming the stores for issues that are MANUFACTURER responsiblity.

Either way, retail jobs are hard enough as it is without people making it harder because they feel entitled and believe the world revolves around them! :sigh
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couldn't have said it better myself...

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